Sunday, January 23, 2011

A niche in the world of writing

In the world of writing, there are heaps of books, processions of teachers, courses, and conferences, but few author-teachers, and since this year, I made a decision to hone in on my story ROLO and revise its seven hundred plus pages I went rooting around said plethora. Was too late in getting some classes right here in my local college, but I kept hope that I would get a new niche, a teacher a guide. So, I went to various sites including UCD’s Certificate Program in Creative Writing, and while checking out instructors found Rosa Martha Villarreal. I looked her up. Villarreal is teaching the upcoming Novel Craft Workshop. Found many sites with her essays, in Red Room her blogs, and on LinkedIn, her profile and a summary of published novels. Villarreal is an award-winning novelist; I eagerly await her class.

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