Monday, April 29, 2013

In some states women are dying at an alarming rate.

In some states women are dying at an alarming rate. 
 States with the HIGHEST increase in female deaths are in the South. LOWEST rates are in the Northeast, the Upper Midwest, and states with high concentrations of Hispanics and college graduates.
How much does the increase in women's death have to do with medications? More medications are prescribed to women; drugs that are later found deadly and even unnecessary.  When men are ill they get tested to determine illness, women are given drugs for mood disorders.  
New medications can be a blessing, enhance life, cure disease, help with pain,  but deregulations  increasing mortality, and would  it make a difference if doctors were also held responsible for drugs they prescribe not just pharmaceutical companies for bad drugs?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wrong information or misunderstanding

After reading the article about Autharium on Writers Beware, Posted by Victoria Strauss and that in part states " submitting your manuscript to Autharium for publication, you are granting exclusive digital publishing rights to your work, and to adaptations/abridgements of your work, in all languages, for the entire duration of copyright, as well as the ability to license those rights to others..." 
I posted it on my blog and Facebook and promptly heard form Elizabeth  at Autharium!
Elizabeth says: "...Hi Marta, thanks for the post.You have been given incorrect information, unlike a traditional publishing contract Autharium authors retain their rights to print, film, games and merchandise. Warm regards Elizabeth
So, please tell me Victoria at Writers Beware, did I misunderstand your post?

Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Ways Anti-Immigrant Hate Makes Its Way Into Media And Policy

Immigrants? Who really feels and thinks like this? What about when their ancestors immigrated to America?
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Stand Up For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Stand Up For Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Not everything is about me, I became a citizen the old way and came to the US from an affluent family to family that were already citizens. I became a citizen the long way, it was so worth it and I felt that everyone should do it the way I did. Later in life, I saw the gross injustice to people welcomed to do jobs no one wants or by greedy employers - virtually slave labor - those people do not have the opportunities I did, and  that is why today I support this Immigration Bill. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What have I got to lose?

Yesterday I rewrote a two page Prologue for a manuscript that evolved from a short story I wrote 13 years ago. Today, not motivated to much - have a stomach something - after some online learning while straightening my in-basket I came across an invite to the April 14 Galaxy Press 29th Anniversary of the Writers of the Future Contest. I must have gotten invited because I submitted some work to Galaxy that was encouragingly rejected. Although unable to attend the invite motivated me to think about submitting the short story that birthed the manuscript but haven’t even started preparing my entry and my brain is already doing the “it's not good enough" ditty, so I replied, "what have I got to lose?"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fear of the slush pile.

Just read 5 Surprises Of Self Publishing, and posted "great article, an eye opener, back to work...oh but how do I hate even the thought of rejections!" Now I am reflecting on that "fear" and that hate of rejections. 
Do you fear the slush pile?
It is expensive to self publish, and even though I know some accomplished self publish authors it still feels like by not "submitting" my work to agents and publishers....I am saying that my work is not good enough.

  • 'The Overnight Diet': New Weight Loss Plan Touts Sleep, Fasting

    Makes sense that we compensate with food when not getting enough sleep and stressed.

    Last September, two weeks after we moved to our current home, my mom had a stroke and died in December. The day of my mom's funeral my mother in law passed away, both moms had become good friends after spending many years vacationing with us in the summer.

    We went from my mom's interment in Palm Springs to Long Island N.Y. for mother in law's funeral.

    I was gaining weight, from emotional pain, insomnia and stress.

    The doctor had all kinds of "drugs" to prescribe but meds would be harmful in the long run, so I requested a thorough blood test. Found I was low in Vitamin D. Researched vitamin D and found D is absolutely necessary to regulate hormones and for sleep.

    I started taking D and now, after the worst is over, most of the time I sleep well and I am starting to drop the weight I gained.
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