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Ayekah The Damned

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Saturday, June 22, 2024


If you like adult poetry—and by that, I mean it has relationship content but is not sexually explicit —and would like to read some of my poems, please let me know. I have about 80 I want to publish.

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Sunday, March 03, 2024

About On Wings Of Immortals - the trilogy

Although each book of On Wings Of Immortals - the trilogy: Ayekah The Damned, Virgins, and Maculatum are fiction, the author has based much of the accounts on current research regarding religion, mysticism, geography, history, and theology. Also, some ancient myths evolved from beliefs, such as that mermaids developed from water, sylphs from the air, gnomes from the earth, and salamanders from spirits. 
Even in modern times, some scientists speak of humans as having an elemental spirit called "natural tectonics," which includes forces cracking the planet's crust with earthquakes and volcanos. 
In the ancient "Paracelsian concept," elementals are "beings" that live longer than humans, and by marrying a mortal, their elemental and its offspring could gain a soul. 
In mythology, ancient history, and The Old Testament, the most common way to understand these elemental spirits is as angels. 
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Possible cover page for Ayekah The Damned

Books, movies, or authors Ayekah The Damned might resemble. 

I say Ayekah The Damned is like many films and or book series I love: Quirky like Mozart - the film, - Historical like the Clan Of The Cave Bears series by Jean Auel - Erotic like The Handmaid's Tale books and film - Mysterious like the Vampire series by Anne Rice - and Spiritual like Paolo Coelho - tales.

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Ayekah The Damned - book one of my Wings Of Immortals series - is loosely based on historical facts starting at human creation and contains some adult content.

Monday, February 19, 2024


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NCNGRR Model Train Layout @ Nevada County Fair Grounds
Welcome to the Nevada County Fair-Grounds and NCNGRR model train display and club. This HO narrow gauge and O gauge layout represent the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad that ran between Nevada City, Grass Valley and connecting with the Southern Pacific RR in Colfax, California. The NCNGRR operated from 1876 to 1942. 

On The Scales S1 E1 NCNGRR Museum Interviews
Introducing a new program titled 'On The Scales: Weighing in With Model Railroaders'. We will be showcasing local model railroads of all scales starting with big scale in an introduction to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum in Nevada City. Episode one is an overview of the museum featuring key museum volunteers.

On The Scales S1 E2 NCNGRR Museum Railbus Ride
Narrow Gauge Rail Bus Tour: A glimpse of the NCNGRR & Transportation Museum rail bus tour including narration to showcase this premier attraction of the museum, which operates on weekends May to October each year.

On The Scales S1 E4 Tin Plate RR with Chuck Brasher
We continue our On The Scales: weighing in with model railroaders programming with Season 1 Episode 4 Tin Plate RRs. We're visiting with Chuck Brasher of Grass Valley and his magnificent O and standard gauge train collection. All of this collection is from the 1930s/40s era when model trains were still considered toys. Sit back, relax and be delighted.

On The Scales S1 E5 DRGW and RGS O and On3 Scale RR With John Bridges
On The Scales: Weighing in with model railroaders S1 E5 travels to the home of John Bridges in Nevada City and his O & On3 scale train layout; modeled on the narrow and standard gauge railroads of Colorado, John has recreated in a rather small space, the sense of open mountain and valley railroading n Colorado's gold mining boom years.

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Saturday, February 03, 2024

From Then To Now.

T. S. Eliot once wrote, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal." 
Since early childhood, bedridden with polio, I looked forward to getting a new book and made-up stories about damsels who overcame their distress. 
Once with braces, I hobbled up to the attic of my grandparents' store, where I read amid shelves filled with books in semi-darkness, sitting by a small barred window under a light bulb strung from the ceiling.
As I recovered and was in water therapy, I paddled with delight, hanging on to the pool's edge, and with my legs and back free from braces, I floated, dreaming I was dancing. 
In high school, I learned about cruelty and bad people. From part-time work saved for dancing and modeling classes, I was a fashion model when I got my first dancing contract, and later, in  Chicago, I met Victor, a construction foreman and poet. 
Married and with children, I was a stay-at-home mom, taking college classes, when in the 80s economic crisis, our family lost everything. We started to recoup when Vic went into computer programming, and I, while hosting a T.V. show (for free), earned my counseling degree and was hired by State and County government services.
 We relocated for me to accept a promotion to Research Analyst when, a couple of years later, Vic passed away after a triple bypass. A year later, unable to stay where we were with just my salary, I accepted a promotion and moved. 
In time, even though I thought I could never fall in love again until I met and married John. Now, both retired, we live in the foothills of Northern California. I started to write, and The Sylph's Tale, my first screenplay, won a third-place ISA award. Some of my poems have been finalists, such as at the San Francisco 2012 Writers' Conference. Also, I was writing for and CBS Sacramento until I began VIRGINS, now the third book of my On Wings Of Immortals.
P.S. I agree with Eliot; my series On Wings Of Immortals is inspired by favorite authors such as Auel, Mitchener, Castaneda, Rice, King, Kostova, Coelho, and Poe.

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