Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My spin on: Self Publish, Self Publishing | Abbott Press

Self Publish, Self Publishing | Abbott Press

Read Jeanne Veillette Bowerma's Write On Line review of the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City where Writer’s Digest announced Abbott Press self-publishing in partnership with Author Solutions, Inc.

In the Abbot Press site, drawn by a ‘come in’ guy on a top-right-corner-box that offered free publishing guides, I clicked. Filled in required info followed by what I write, and why. A new page opened with a menu of publishing options, and prices, and a promise that a representative will call me. Yikes, I thought I was just going in for a pamphlet, did not expect to be 'solicited'. Hope I feel forgiving when they call and for sure will ask for my free publishing guide.

About self-publishing: for now, after I send my manuscript I will continue working on another – because what else is there but to write and be accepted or have a pile of rejections? If I decide to look into self-publishing, it will most likely be online or with a local publisher.

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  1. Interesting site, and this particular entry speaks to me as well. Been pounding the internet/agent pavement, too--but not long enough yet to consider self-publishing. It'll be interesting to know how you do, and what you ultimately decide to do--and why. Good luck, and thanks for being a "follower" on my site!