Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 shout out: No death panels!

Wildly publicized death sentences to people denied organ transplants In Arizona. Is the right to live only for the well to do? People denied healthcares are not just minorities or immigrants. Middle-class families and individuals – now the working poor - cannot afford healthcare or pay exorbitant amounts for employer provided coverage and deductibles.
Some say that most opposed to healthcare for all are folks already on the government dole such as politicians, government workers, Medicare, disability and or Medicaid recipients.
A couple on television, said - she with her Jersey or Floridian accent: “What if there is universal care and people like us cannot get in to see a doctor. Or get surgery or into a hospital because the wait is too long.” Are they echoing the sentiments of the newly elected officials the government reformist?
Maybe is time to say for ALL or for NONE.
Those on Medicare, Social Security, Medical, government-founded programs need to go and get private insurance – make more healthcare for profit millionaires. That will change the pull the plug demographics.
From their own words, most who want to defeat healthcare reform just want to defeat the Democrats, not just president Obama. Look what happened to Clinton set up with Monica, Kennedy shot, Martin Luther King, the shooting in Arizona? Need I go on?
Common sense must prevail for the sake of all who cannot afford huge premiums, cobras, and deductibles. 

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