Friday, December 31, 2010

Chingon - Malagueña Salerosa (LIVE)

Out with the old and in with the new: ramblings.

It’s the "resolution" day of the year - again.  I could use a guilt stick but in my not so humble opinions: ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’ (sounds like in-my-shoe) a beating makes us bitter not stronger or wiser.

Instead, I write my last post for the year. Keeping in mind that all I share is ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’ if I lose sight of that I am into the jack-in-the-box ego p.o. (pissed-off) because no person is God’s cookie cutter.

What is your ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’? Po? And ego box?

There are rules and regulations, but except for facts, like gravity, all is conditional to our society and social standing. Life happens and in 2010, we had painful and disappointing times. I let go of people, places and things that I thought I had to have to make it. So far, I am better for it. An attitude of gratitude carried me over what I could not change. I still will not give up before the miracle and choose to rejoice on what was good. Releasing with faith and gratitude usually opens the door to the evolution of our time on earth. So, as I make my honey do list and ready for an easy-does-it New Years Eve at family and later at friends, if time permits, hell does not brake loose and the river don't rise, to have a good time continues to be my mantra.

The old year-ends and a new one begins for those under our calendar. I will greet it not with expectations to do or not, just grateful to be.  Life goes on like waves lap each other and grace the shore.  However, in all societies, there are teachers and days of self-assessment that most often include a spiritual or religious ritual.  Mine, is usually in books that feed me thought the year. This year is, The Art of Happiness. Not a religious book about switching pews:

But the thought “what if I drop dead without meeting my goals” does hit me disguised as truth and reality. My answer is, “glad I chose “happy” a truth that goes from my head and fills my gut. Happy does not make me irresponsible, neglectful or selfish. Mine, is not a ‘chemical induced’ and this is not a judgment.  Happiness is in forgiving and giving – I learned that mantra in a spiritual life saving program – so when I give myself forgiveness and happiness I sincerely share it.

Doing does not make me a better person. It does make me a better officiate. At times in life, like a donkey with blinders, I have gone up and over – what could have been an errant land, tropical paradise or dessert - it matters not. I might never pass by there again but I made it to the other side. If I had stopped to look around, I might not look back and love my effort and the fruits of my labor. We do, ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’, what we need to, or must; happy makes it good.

 I can get into the, who I want to be, why I hate what I am or what I want to change but when focused on first embracing, accepting and loving what or who I am now I build a place where gratitude grows and get off the not enough misery-go-round.

So when is it enough? Some of us have woken up to life by the death of another. Their dreams unfinished gather dust on the shelf of shoulds, woulds and coulds. When in reality what we love to remember about them is the energy that made them want to live; their unfulfilled dreams, is just a sad grave.

Happy New Year to all - whatever that means to you - and may the God of your understanding help inspire you on the road to a happy destiny.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Talking about pain

I love WebMD; it’s full of sensible information. Just read the article on pain and it’s so true that pain is very personal and that if I have pain only I know how I feel.

In childhood, I suffered from Poliomyelitis, and had difficulties when participating in activities. I slowed everyone down and could not compete because of the corrective shoes, leg and back braces I had to wear. I was the fat kid with the crooked body. No one could understand how much pain I was in. I was labeled sickly and a whiner.

No one who knows me today would ever guess that I was a very shy girl. I spent much time writing, dreaming, and dancing. Put on plays and despite the fear of being made fun off, or clumsiness I took part in school performances.

Never thought that someday, after intense treatment, I would be called an ugly ducking that became a swan. I became a model and later a dancer with my own troop!

Today, in my second half, after a full youth, and adventurous life, I suffer from-varying pain of nerve, joint, bone and muscle problems common to athletes.

Moreover, pain is still hard and shameful to admit so I can connect to this article’s description of pain: "It's invisible to other people looking at you -- and that can lead to a lot mistrust and difficulties in relationships."

Note: inspired by: Using the Pain Scale: How to Talk About Pain By R. Morgan Griffin, WebMD Feature, Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

German shepherd puppies, cloned from hero 9/11 search and rescue dog, come to L.A.

The world might clamor, no not humans: God created life!

Favored movies, books, and in fact for many years now, cloning, and genetics manipulation in plants and humans, are used to create new species, medical discoveries and treatments. Dolly, one of the first actual cloning of an animal - that the world is privy to - made an uproar sending religious groups to their pulpits wagging holy writs and passing the baskets of salvation.

So, on what shelf are believers in creation putting life conceived in a lab and by Eves without Adams? Per the media, one man has conceived at least twice.

Now another cloning success made public, the cloning of Trakr, one of the 9-11 rescue dogs.

What does cloning do to abortion when it is a scientific fact that an unadulterated cell is capable of replicating a whole human, we now have creation without conception, and life is adulterated in a lab?

We don’t know how far cloning has extended to humans because we like to think that the entire world is under our religious rules, laws, life, and science.

No amount of ranting and raving from those who want to preserve the status quo of where life comes from, how it is made, and what happens when we die, makes a difference. Just as when it was discovered that the world was not flat at a time when it was a sacrilege and a source of terror, not just that we could drop of the face of the earth, but all hell had to be at the bottom and heaven on top. Yet, despite all the tizz, the world is round.

Who, what, where, when, and why clone? What does cloning do to humans? Are there human clones, where are they and how many? Do they have a soul? Do they go to heaven, hell, have a God and can they be saved? Could cloning become a right to continuance of life?

As for me, in my manger this Christmas is still the God I found several decades ago that saved my life. An infinite God not restricted to a race, religion, or class. He/She has commandments that I strive, to the best of my humanity, to live-by, and a life philosophy of ‘do unto to others as you want done unto you’. Church is a good fellowship not a saving grace.

Report: Republican Repeal of Health Care Reform ‘Dangerous’ | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

Is the will of the people, spoken with their new elected and empowered mouthpieces, to have their greedy electorate turn their backs on healthcare reform?

We need healthcare now for all. Yes, despite those who have healthcare and do not want, for their convenience and proper healthcare, crowded hospitals, clinics and doctors offices because, what if they can’t get in to see their doctor or have a procedure? They want to be the death panels for others and spread “the what about me and mine”. God forbid they might have to wait or die because they can’t get healthcare because to many will be eligible for healthcare and not just die form lack of healthcare. They want others to die not them not theirs.

HEALTH CARE NOW, for all or no healthcare for greedy politicians opposed to healthcare only because the healthcare for profit industry are lining their pockets. Without the billions made by the healthcare industry we could have a clinic in every corner and a doctor for every patient.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shakira Featuring Danzig "Hips Don't Lie"

Google Shakes Up the E-Book Market

Time ot get off the fix and onto the mix?

Is it the right of the righteous, drool of disdain, or bite from a bully?

Once thought as middle of the road moderate who served his country in a prism camp, and a politician almost since, John McCain is now on the grizzly grind acting as is he should be crowned “Elder Statesmen”. Opposed to everything is he righteously iodinated or just throwing hissy fits:

On and on… 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Protect a Word Document |

How to Protect a Word Document |

Good and to the point.

The next diet fad: Imagine yourself pigging out

The next diet fad: Imagine yourself pigging out

Ok, so it makes some sense that food-porn might be the answer to gastro satisfaction sans calories, a look-ma-no-mouth. After all, porn has been the quintessential pleasure escape of the lonely, sick of the same old-same, fantasy escape for the sexually needy and addict, secretive-closet-doer and dreamer's paradise. And a sure cachink for those who publish it.

So now, we have food porn to induce a food-orgasmic experience. Will it be enough to look at pictures of food? Will it break us into doing the deed? Hand to mouth or face to plate? Can it be as satisfying as eating it?

Well, all is in the mind and getting from one place to another starts as a mind trip. Having and not having is a mind choice. Doing and not is instigated by desire but the master planner is our brain. A geographic, of any kind starts with a vision.

So where can food porners indulge in their food- gratification experience to get the biggest bang? It all depends on how much drooling; mulling and wolfing one wants to do.

Some attest (I agree) that one can have an orgasmic experience in the mind without anyone knowing but there are times when physical additives add to momentum and make the outcome more pronounced, satisfying and gratifying.

How, when and where can one get physical with food porn? And, what is the defining line between food and food sensuality?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why we love bad writing


To all self appointed critics
on the runways of unpublished
claiming to know all
about grammar and writing
when is it time to show not tell?


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010

"Wonders in the Sky": Why we've always been obsessed with UFOs

Do you believe that there is more than meets the eye and we only use a tenth of our senses? I experience some of that, "out-there" energy and at first I was scared but in time it became my friend. Soon I will be posting some excerpts from my novel... It is not about UFO's... but in a way it is an unidentified, able to fly - object (or being).

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tax increase vote is "chicken crap"

"chicken crap" like boner

Sirius Radio: The Refuge for Frothing Racist, Homophobic Right-Wingers Like Dr. Laura | | AlterNet

I love you Tana Ganeva for writing this article!

Tax cuts: The party that says no does it again

They don't suffer... we support them ...

Official BURLESQUE Trailer - In Theaters 11/24

Saw Burlesque last night, wow, Burlesque is a great movie, loved the dancing, music, drama etc., fantastic... brings back memories... Got to get that screenplay out!

Rep. Grayson on the Limbaugh/Beck/Palin Tax Cuts

C. Hope Clark: Intergeneration Storytelling Contest 2011

"International Storytelling Contest asks you to tell a story that involves your parents, grandparents, great-aunt, distant cousin or black-sh..."