Thursday, January 29, 2015

Share before publishing

This article [SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK]: SHELTER US, PART 2 Posted BY LAURA NICOLE DIAMOND on She Writes grabbed my attention. Laura tells how she shared her book Shelter Us before she published.
I have shared the coming out of VIRGINS, my paranormal breakthrough novel, and the first in my ROLO series, for several months. I am still working on edits after I sent it yet another editor and friend I really trust.
Once done, I think I will download the first few chapters, about 30 pages into a PDF, and offer them for free. To those that read them and send me a review, I will provide the rest of the book on a PDF for free.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Putting it out-there.

 Not just words; but the touchy, feely, smelly and tasty of it all.

I really like this FREE online publication!


Ten Things We Learned About Self-Publishing - The Writing Platform

Ten Things We Learned About Self-Publishing - The Writing Platform

I was going to be lazy about this post and just let you read it. You probably would have been better off with that but what the heck. Here is my take on it dear prolific, fantastic, author; it's no longer about getting discovered, it's about peddling until you triumph or fading into the could have been page.

Monday, January 19, 2015

SCO0275 - Scrivener 2.0 - Full Show

The Nine Types of Writers

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Lee Child interview

The Writing Spirit

Friday, January 16, 2015

Drink in our today

This Buddhist saying, "Suffering is clinging to that which changes" is so to the point. We have nothing but today and maybe tomorrow, yet some of us, yes I am included in that, spent too much time regretting the past, too much time is even minutes. Yes, we can learn from what we did wrong and bask in what we did right but too much regretting and basking can keep our present and future prisoners to the past. So, let's spread our wings and drink in our today. Buenos dias a todos.

Friday, January 09, 2015

The Amazon Contest

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest opens for entries on: February 16, 2014 at 12:00:01 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) 
the deadline to enter is: March 2, 2014 at 11:59:59 
Keep in mind that they only accept a certain number of entries so put your novel in there as soon as you can. 
For Guidiles and Rules go to:

On resolutions

Today after waking to my usual prayer and meditation, I felt grateful that yesterday my husband took the Christmas tree out and now I have my reading nook back. Thank you, John.
Another gift from today is that while drinking my coffee, listening to the news, and reading emails I found on POCKET this inspirational article:  Self-Refinement Through the Wisdom of the Ages: 15 Resolutions for 2015 from Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds By Maria Popova and Brain Pickings
Since late fall, John and I have not gone for our walks, and the writings on walking by Thorough made me hunger to renew ours. I don't make resolutions on what I will do during the new year, but I do make a collage of how I want to be. My collage is an ongoing project that evolves during the first months of the year. It includes pictures, not necessarily of me, but which represent my goals, aspirations and how I want to spend my time, or better put how and where I want to "be more present."
The entry on VIRGINIA WOOLF: KEEP A DIARY, brought me into writing this post.  The third one of 15 that I will touch on now is: SENECA: MAKE YOUR LIFE WIDE RATHER THAN LONG. This piece is rattling. Here is one sentence: "The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today."
There is so much on the article that I will take one or two resolutions at a time.
Thank you, Maria Popova and Brain Pickings

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Fighting the bulge battle?

Watch out for your Leptin levels.
It seems as if there's always something new to fill whatever need a source convinces us that we have. So, is any of it helpful? I'm of the opinion that as we evolve so does our knowledge and that information taken with common sense and backed by good research is valuable.
This year I am not doing the 'will do to be,' such as I will exercise and diet to live longer, be healthier, look better. Instead, I am envisioning 'becoming:' using the law of attraction.
So, a lot of information is coming to me, or I am becoming aware of a lot of information, whatever makes sense to you. The thing is that envisioning becoming works for me. I just want to see how much envisioning can take me from aging to rejuvenating, not just writing but publishing, not just living but loving life.
For that matter, is aging a mind thing? I am sure you have seen the never aging people that do incredible feats of physical activity, not knocking that, but look at their skin!
Anyway, first things first, what gets me fat and keeps me fat is the same thing that gets me and keeps me in trouble: my mouth. So there is where I have started my search for youth and longevity, which lead me to Lectins but in a roundabout way. First, I was listening to a presentation about weight loss supplements and it sounds interesting. Then, I went into researching the main subject Leptins and found sites and information that make sense.
Also, I am a believer that 'to share is to keep' here are the sites:

Keep in mind their agendas, and good nutrition is the key to health.
Happy New Year to us! 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

From She Writes, 52 goals

My first thought on Brooke Warner’s post on She Writes, 52 THINGS—IDEAS FOR WRITERS FOR 2015, was this is ridiculous. But as I read the list I realized that I have already done most of it and in some cases more. That the things I have not done are worth looking into.  Thanks Brooke!
I think that as writers the only way not to get discouraged is to see ourselves as mangers and workers at our own business. Hope you have a great 2015!

Here is the link:

Monday, January 05, 2015

There are so many how-to

I get many emails on how to sell, market and stand out, I scan them and usually delete. Times have changed so it feels that a writer's passion should be to become a master marketer and approach writing as if selling water by the riverbank. And, what is the best way to sell water by a river bank of publishing that is miles deep in vendors?
I ask my self: Self, would you continue to write if you knew for certain tha you would never sell your book, poems etc.? Would you continue to blog, FTL etc.? Self said: well, if you are just trying to make a sale go find something else to do. Then, I read a quote posted by Brian Tracy:  "I was just pursuing what I enjoyed doing. I mean, I was pursuing my passion." -- Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder and Internet Entrepreneur
I ask myself again: Self, if you didn't write what would you do? Its not that I write 24/7, I think that I live a well rounded life but the idea of not writing filled my gut with uninteresting options so, I decided to continue enjoying the pursuit of my passion.

I will soon publish Virgins 

Friday, January 02, 2015

getting ready to submit

I am getting easy to send out my paranormal novel and my poetry. This is the armor I am going to wear as I wait for replies from publishers, contests, agents and editors. 

Note: Hubcap Creatures on Devíant Art has made many sculptures from hubcaps sínce 2001.
- See more at: