Friday, January 07, 2011

Conversing About Rights

I hear drums of war conversing about rights.
Each claims a blessing from God
to kill the other to right a wrong.

Each side postures their right to righteousness.
Each justifies their kill
in the name of God, good and freedom.

You, who fight against injustice and for human rights.
Do you tell your children that killing
is a right given to who wins the argument?

Can your neighbor kill you for profit,
clean up the neighborhood or free your family?
You say, That is different. You simplify too much.
I think not: what is colored with blood is red.

You say, The bad must be destroyed. In cheer and pomp
we are the self-proclaimed judge, and jury of the world;
fancy, the decider should take out ours.

Where is God in all this crime against humanity?
When to support those sent to kill is patriotic
. and the senders rest in the harbor of safety,
conversing about rights.


1/7/2011 Submitted to Poets for Peace III. Not for duplication and all rights reserved 2007 mdcmdaw

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