Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Considering Smashwords for next publication

On "Welcome to my annual publishing predictions" by Mark Coker.  The article is very informative and it "feels' sincere. Main points I liked: 

“The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.”
~ Black Sabbath

Coker goes on "The answer is complicated.  I think at the root of the challenge, as I’ve discussed here on the blog for several years now, is that the supply of ebooks is growing faster than the supply of readers." 

I recommend reading all of it. Here is the site and my comment to Smashwords on this "2019 Book Industry Predictions: The Butterflies Wi...": article

Thank you for a thorough and truthful article.

I am an emerging author. One of those who, after working at times two jobs to support my family, is now putting works on paper. In 2017 published the first book of my fantasy/ paranormal - based on mythology and history series - as a novella because I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did; it won a third place award and from it, I got some good comments that I will implement.

The novella was published as an ebook on Amazon and D2D missing 4 chapters, yes, incomplete. I engaged the services of a publishing assistant that states it was submitted complete. No sense in blaming and arguing. The book got great reviews even though incomplete. 

Now, as I make lemonade out of lemons I am including three chapters from the beginning of the sequel and getting ready to republish. Your article is very appropriate for me and I will look into Smashwords.

Note: Wish you all a HAPPY 2019!!!

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