Friday, January 11, 2019

In Memory

Time To Let Time    

It's the seventh day
Of your passing 
And the third day of your interment
In my heart and mind
I see your smile
For in our tears and fears
We feel the God of our understanding
Not just on a cross 
Or memorialized in pages 
In churches, temples or synagogues
For human greed and need 
But the spirit surrounding us
Welcoming you
As you and we cannot; yet must
Let ourselves be in the light 
Tethered by love
Not strung by regrets 
Around what’s left on earth 
In the turmoil of tears
Flooding into and out of us
An ocean of love and pain
You can’t feel anymore
And we
Feel so much more 
For soon it will be time to let go 
As memories keep all 
Let good remember to forget bad
Beyond this earth 
Find meaning to warm feelings 
In the words of embraces
From someone no longer here 
But is always there
Where we are one.

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