Sunday, December 30, 2018

Firefly tree, set me free,

Hi friends and family! 
I wish you all a very prosperous 2019! May you be healthy, happy and free.
As I look and accept my path I see how that my life is inspired by a higher power. As I fulfill my desire to write after a life of work and hopefully service I want my words and pages to carry a message that discomfort is necessary to open doors of possibilities. Good and hard times, miracles and trials, as is bitter and sweet, part of life and living. 
Looking back I see how hardness taught me tenderness and lies forced me to find truth. That self righteousness is for the weak and when I feel anger or fear towards those who are different to remember that an apple is not a grape as a tree is not the sea; yet all is divine energy. 

Will continue to write and try not compare myself with those who have published tons or best selling books. My path must beone breath at a time. So very short is time on earth. Why we chose to be born as we are is revealed one day at a time. 

Firefly tree, set me free, free to be me.  

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