Monday, January 28, 2019

  • Hi, I am looking into publishing The Sylph’s Tale as a Comic & Graphic Novel. Approximately 20k words/ fantasy-paranormal/ mythology. 
  • Based on Virgin/Angel love and their angel humans journey. Great reviews on Amazon - even though published incomplete.
  • Screenplay adaptation, Ayekah the Damned, won a third-place award, got a great six-page review. 
  • Ready to re-publish. It's part of a three book series that I will publish this year. 
  • For more information please Message me or contact me on on Facebook, Marta C Weeks, Twitter mmaw, or contact me on my webpage Can provide all my details. Thank you! 

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  1. This book is an extraordinary fit for admirers of imagination or paranormal sentiment, particularly heavenly attendant topics. The main woman is unquestionably a tough lady, and she was genuinely somebody I could get behind. On the other hand, the male hero felt a bit tentative. As a foil to the quality of his kindred principle character, he functions admirably. As a main thrust in his own right, however, he didn't exactly work for me.