Friday, January 18, 2019

I truly appreciate your support!!!

I am so grateful for the support of each of you who have signed up for my website and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and all other SMs!  

To be an aging emerging author in a world where most my age have published tons of books can be discouraging. So I like reading about "late starters." Those whose plates were so full they couldn't add a crumb unless it added to the support of their family. I'm not saying most authors don't have it rough; they just accept that the road is crowded for slow walkers.

In 2017, I published The Sylph's Tale, the first book of my fantasy/paranormal-based mythology and history series. I wanted to do a screenplay rendition and did; it won a third-place ISSA award, and just in the last few days, I got the comments from Table Read My Screenplay, and they are so good I will post the entire six (6) pages on my website by next week.

I am still working on editing and revising The Sylph's Tale, so please don't buy it until I re-publish it, most likely under the name Ayekah The Damned.

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