Monday, June 10, 2013

Learning marketing

Marketing is not just for self publishing, nowadays publishers want authors to have a marketing plan and online presence. Also, be wary about what self-publishers offer, things like cards and postcards are not as useful as solid guidance and reliability. After the "sale is done" you might not get what you expected, so a little research goes a longways. 
Today I listened to a She Writes self- publishing you-tube, click HERE to view, it is packed with information. 
Look at Social Media as your book agents. About 3-6 months before your book comes out:  get a Facebook, Twitter and Blog presence. Go to your favorite authors sites and follow them, see who they follow, check out their favorite sites. Use SEO, the social cooperation that will help sell your book, getting the word out on your website or blog is complex, click HERE for a link I found useful. For tooting your book-up there are sites such as: and FIVERR: what you will do for $ 
A new site on Amazon is Kindle Singles where one can submit short stories, poetry and even a self contained chapter, but not from a published book unless  is a published Kindle book.
To copy-write click HERE.
If you don't have a database to announce your book try: and Don't  forget a good Press Release and incentives to sign up on your site. Do a book-trailer on youtube, showing cover and sample pages. If you need someone to help you write your book try:
Note: There are many YouTube sites on self publishing. For in person marketing, find places to showcase and or read from your book or  give a class.

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