Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A good insight into revising

Always feeling the need to revise and into revising be it a small piece as this post or a book, such as the over 160k words I am looking to publish, is tiresome or overwhelming - to the point of procrastination -  and going by the advice of others can make it an ever-changing task.
Inside this article, Emerging Writers Guest Post #46 – A Must Read – Hilary Retig & The 7 Secrets of the Prolific (don't let the awkward title fool you)  is good insight such as,  "Perfectionists tend to see their projects as long strings of words – and there’s a natural tendency, when you have that viewpoint, to want to start at the beginning of a piece and write straight through till, “The End.” It’s much more productive to view your work as a landscape" 

I see the advice as usefully creative and immediately get the unstuck feeling from revising and gulp in the hope that yes it is doable and my take is: continue to read the article, and I will consider following the writer. 

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