Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Report: Republican Repeal of Health Care Reform ‘Dangerous’ | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

Is the will of the people, spoken with their new elected and empowered mouthpieces, to have their greedy electorate turn their backs on healthcare reform?

We need healthcare now for all. Yes, despite those who have healthcare and do not want, for their convenience and proper healthcare, crowded hospitals, clinics and doctors offices because, what if they can’t get in to see their doctor or have a procedure? They want to be the death panels for others and spread “the what about me and mine”. God forbid they might have to wait or die because they can’t get healthcare because to many will be eligible for healthcare and not just die form lack of healthcare. They want others to die not them not theirs.

HEALTH CARE NOW, for all or no healthcare for greedy politicians opposed to healthcare only because the healthcare for profit industry are lining their pockets. Without the billions made by the healthcare industry we could have a clinic in every corner and a doctor for every patient.

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  1. Love the new format of you blog. Health care has a long way to go, such a steep, uphill battle. For the good of all, I pray that it works. Happy New Year, Marta. Much joy, good health, and success in 2011.