Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new: ramblings.

It’s the "resolution" day of the year - again.  I could use a guilt stick but in my not so humble opinions: ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’ (sounds like in-my-shoe) a beating makes us bitter not stronger or wiser.

Instead, I write my last post for the year. Keeping in mind that all I share is ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’ if I lose sight of that I am into the jack-in-the-box ego p.o. (pissed-off) because no person is God’s cookie cutter.

What is your ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’? Po? And ego box?

There are rules and regulations, but except for facts, like gravity, all is conditional to our society and social standing. Life happens and in 2010, we had painful and disappointing times. I let go of people, places and things that I thought I had to have to make it. So far, I am better for it. An attitude of gratitude carried me over what I could not change. I still will not give up before the miracle and choose to rejoice on what was good. Releasing with faith and gratitude usually opens the door to the evolution of our time on earth. So, as I make my honey do list and ready for an easy-does-it New Years Eve at family and later at friends, if time permits, hell does not brake loose and the river don't rise, to have a good time continues to be my mantra.

The old year-ends and a new one begins for those under our calendar. I will greet it not with expectations to do or not, just grateful to be.  Life goes on like waves lap each other and grace the shore.  However, in all societies, there are teachers and days of self-assessment that most often include a spiritual or religious ritual.  Mine, is usually in books that feed me thought the year. This year is, The Art of Happiness. Not a religious book about switching pews:

But the thought “what if I drop dead without meeting my goals” does hit me disguised as truth and reality. My answer is, “glad I chose “happy” a truth that goes from my head and fills my gut. Happy does not make me irresponsible, neglectful or selfish. Mine, is not a ‘chemical induced’ and this is not a judgment.  Happiness is in forgiving and giving – I learned that mantra in a spiritual life saving program – so when I give myself forgiveness and happiness I sincerely share it.

Doing does not make me a better person. It does make me a better officiate. At times in life, like a donkey with blinders, I have gone up and over – what could have been an errant land, tropical paradise or dessert - it matters not. I might never pass by there again but I made it to the other side. If I had stopped to look around, I might not look back and love my effort and the fruits of my labor. We do, ‘i.m.n.s.h.o’, what we need to, or must; happy makes it good.

 I can get into the, who I want to be, why I hate what I am or what I want to change but when focused on first embracing, accepting and loving what or who I am now I build a place where gratitude grows and get off the not enough misery-go-round.

So when is it enough? Some of us have woken up to life by the death of another. Their dreams unfinished gather dust on the shelf of shoulds, woulds and coulds. When in reality what we love to remember about them is the energy that made them want to live; their unfulfilled dreams, is just a sad grave.

Happy New Year to all - whatever that means to you - and may the God of your understanding help inspire you on the road to a happy destiny.

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