Thursday, December 16, 2010

The next diet fad: Imagine yourself pigging out

The next diet fad: Imagine yourself pigging out

Ok, so it makes some sense that food-porn might be the answer to gastro satisfaction sans calories, a look-ma-no-mouth. After all, porn has been the quintessential pleasure escape of the lonely, sick of the same old-same, fantasy escape for the sexually needy and addict, secretive-closet-doer and dreamer's paradise. And a sure cachink for those who publish it.

So now, we have food porn to induce a food-orgasmic experience. Will it be enough to look at pictures of food? Will it break us into doing the deed? Hand to mouth or face to plate? Can it be as satisfying as eating it?

Well, all is in the mind and getting from one place to another starts as a mind trip. Having and not having is a mind choice. Doing and not is instigated by desire but the master planner is our brain. A geographic, of any kind starts with a vision.

So where can food porners indulge in their food- gratification experience to get the biggest bang? It all depends on how much drooling; mulling and wolfing one wants to do.

Some attest (I agree) that one can have an orgasmic experience in the mind without anyone knowing but there are times when physical additives add to momentum and make the outcome more pronounced, satisfying and gratifying.

How, when and where can one get physical with food porn? And, what is the defining line between food and food sensuality?

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  1. I love the concept here, really. The problem I have with this is, it wouldn't work! In fact, it would backfire. That is if we're talking about me alone. I would not only salviate all over a beautiful high glossy photo of a lushous, sinful chocolate dessert, I would then grab every piece of chocolate in the house until my craving deminishes. I suppose that answeres the how, when, and where, but the what? Hmmm, you know there really is something sexy about dark chocolate. Maybe, I have been lured into believing all the propaganda in the media regarding the aphrodisiac properties nestled in a morsel of my favorite sweets or maybe I simply like the illusion or maybe I like having an excuse for eating more dark chocolate or maybe...well, enough maybes. This is a fun post.