Wednesday, December 22, 2010

German shepherd puppies, cloned from hero 9/11 search and rescue dog, come to L.A.

The world might clamor, no not humans: God created life!

Favored movies, books, and in fact for many years now, cloning, and genetics manipulation in plants and humans, are used to create new species, medical discoveries and treatments. Dolly, one of the first actual cloning of an animal - that the world is privy to - made an uproar sending religious groups to their pulpits wagging holy writs and passing the baskets of salvation.

So, on what shelf are believers in creation putting life conceived in a lab and by Eves without Adams? Per the media, one man has conceived at least twice.

Now another cloning success made public, the cloning of Trakr, one of the 9-11 rescue dogs.

What does cloning do to abortion when it is a scientific fact that an unadulterated cell is capable of replicating a whole human, we now have creation without conception, and life is adulterated in a lab?

We don’t know how far cloning has extended to humans because we like to think that the entire world is under our religious rules, laws, life, and science.

No amount of ranting and raving from those who want to preserve the status quo of where life comes from, how it is made, and what happens when we die, makes a difference. Just as when it was discovered that the world was not flat at a time when it was a sacrilege and a source of terror, not just that we could drop of the face of the earth, but all hell had to be at the bottom and heaven on top. Yet, despite all the tizz, the world is round.

Who, what, where, when, and why clone? What does cloning do to humans? Are there human clones, where are they and how many? Do they have a soul? Do they go to heaven, hell, have a God and can they be saved? Could cloning become a right to continuance of life?

As for me, in my manger this Christmas is still the God I found several decades ago that saved my life. An infinite God not restricted to a race, religion, or class. He/She has commandments that I strive, to the best of my humanity, to live-by, and a life philosophy of ‘do unto to others as you want done unto you’. Church is a good fellowship not a saving grace.

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