Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why are schools failing in America?

Some “blame” educators, others “parents” and “population” even some, such as Republicans, seem to blame “illegals” and of course “minorities” but that usually means “blacks”.  Who and what is to blame stands to be seen but in my not so humble opinion few want to look at the real reasons and those I believe are:

1)    We spend more on incarceration than education
2)    Build more prisons than schools
3)    Spend more on war than peace
4)    Give more than we have
5)    Hire outside the country for the best middle-class jobs or outsource them
6)    Spending for schools is not equitable
7)    Poor districts get a lot less then rich districts
8)    The middle-class is eroding
9)    The wealthy have more say, and options
10) Private schools are only a hook to evangelize
11)  Communities don’t get behind all children
12) The wealthy are ok with having low wage uneducated workers

What do you think are the reasons?

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