Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Letter to God: About faith

Dear God,
I have lacked faith lately and didn't even know it.
I believe in You, pray, meditate, do volunteer work, read spiritual books that I find extremely helpful and I don't hide from the truth; so I thought I was in faith. 
Lately, I have felt concerned about some issues and when that happens I know it to be my soul's call to action for I can rest inactive when I'm six-feet under. However, nothing I was doing felt "right," not wrong but not quite on "target". 
Even at church last Sunday, I felt angry with those who claim You as their goodie-man, who claim to be Christians because they go to a Christian church, etc., and also act so unchristian.
Can anyone put a claim on God or Christ?
Is just reading a certain holly-book a passage to Christianity?
They attract followers by using lines such as pro-life; however, their stance is capricious and self-serving. Only pro-life-for-some-life for they turn a blind eye to the killings of minorities or poor, they advice to reload to kill whom they label trespassers i.e. "illegals" and "anchor" babies and don't even bat an eyelash for the killings in wars.
It just all feels so plastic.
In need of peace and truth this morning I picked up one of the books you have put in my hands, my ACIM (A Course In Miracles) book and there it was: thank you.
As you know for 29 years, I have read ACIM from the beginning to the end and just gone back to the beginning. Sometimes it takes me over a year, but I have no time set for it and don't make it a routine, just let myself be guided. Anyway, after several days of not reading it, for I am reading The art of Happiness (a great book) my next ACIM chapter started on page 342 on my Text, VII. The Call for Faith.
I was missing the main ingredient in my prayer, writing, etc.: Faith. Not the faith of arrogance because I hold some special place on top of religious belief or at the bottom of redemption but those that faith calls "meek" or to me the "teachable" not the know it all, for one cannot add anything to a full soul.
Note: Here is one place that ACIM page 342, VII. The Call for Faith can be found: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Course_in_Miracles/Text/Chapter_17

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