Monday, September 27, 2010

War on privacy

My comment:
Mr. Greenwald, this article and your article on “The Obama administration’s war on privacy” are a just right-wing "bunk" and why you have taken such a destructive position on the Obama administration is questionable.
If President Obama does not take a strong stance on things to do with protecting Americans, from terrorism, at a time of war he is demonized. If he does take a stance on the effects of a war, he did not start, and terrorism not instigated by him he is – according to your articles - a covert tyrant.
We are constantly cautioned by the Republican administration, the t-bagger movement, and bombarded with by Fox, that there is a definite move by our “enemies” to attack us again. Have you read and heard and seen such reports? If not I will be glad to direct you to them. That you are taking a stance towards dividing the Obama administration and acting as if there is nothing that the Obama administration can do to satisfy the media is just another attack by the right-wing media to discredit the President.
You Mr. Greenwald need to take another look at what you are saying. Have you heard the Republican constant threat at the President himself? Have you read on what is happening in the countries we are at war with?
I am frankly fed up with media making a dime ought of not enough and too much.

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  1. Your defense of our president is commendable. I believe, that no matter what your party affiliation, you should support your president while he's in office. Vote him out later if you're not happy with his progress.