Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Latino voters must not be swayed by a few Spanish words.

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | California Latino Voters Say Fiorina ‘No Es Mi Amiga’

So very true and Latin Americans have a unique opportunity to make a great difference and "stay the course" with Obama - a president for the people, all the people, and by the people. 
We must support his efforts and the efforts of his cabinet and the officials who have supported his very important changes.
The country is moving forward and changing direction. Nothing says it better than the revolt against him.
When leaders are feeding the fat cats movers and shakers are not pimping themselves to the lowest denominator to make a case against them. Because when the haves have nothing to oppose they are, like satisfied cats with full stomachs, licking themselves.
To let Republicans win now will be to the worst economic, moral, and social disaster ever.
We must stay the course and vote for those who will back the President into more change that is historic. Anonymous interests under bogus names support the Republicans, and they serve only special interest: not the people.

The new "n" word Republicans/t-gaggers/FOX have for Latins is "i" for "illegals" and for the children of Latins "anchor babies".

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