Saturday, February 08, 2014

still editing

Finished editing 50 pages, might not sound like a lot but because my novel is science fiction/fantasy and is complex and large I decided, before starting these complete edits, to first create a timeline and character history for the entire book.  It is then that I saw the need to write a brief summary for every chapter, and have done so for the first 25 thousand words. 
My plan now is to continue to do the chapter-by-chapter summaries for every 10 thousand words as I go along and to complete the first 50 thousand word edits and summaries by next week. We will see. 
I have a couple of friends that have done some edits and my husband is my main go to person, it works great because John is a good writer and an avid reader and he makes suggestions that improve my story. 
Feels like I am walking on a tightrope.

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