Saturday, February 22, 2014

Excel timelines and what the heck

My ongoing edits and revisions.
As if a book about a story that starts before recorded time and goes to the present is not enough, I had to also use dates and have my characters ALL over creation! To-boot, did a ton of research for everything!
Just finished the second timeline to make sure that my dates, people and events are in order and THEY ARE!
Next is maps, John (my husband and editor extraordinary) uses our World Globe and printouts when doing my final edits.
I know why I love spooky, I was raised in spooky. Just why do I love Anthropology, History, and Science?
If the river don't rise and hell... I should be finish in a few days.
P.S. how many readers would want a story with a map, references and timelines. I do, I like books by Jean Auel and James Michener, Isabelle Allende and Elizabeth Kostova, Anne Rice and others like Carlos Castaneda.

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