Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pain is not optional.

My quote on rewriting and editing: Pain is not optional.

Back to 27-thousand words, the going is a slow crawl into what I wrote long ago, and gosh, golly-gee, it sounded, looked and felt so good then and now I've cut the pages in this book form 1,200 to 900 and on with the hatchet. I wonder how writing groups I belong(ed) to put up with me! Anyways, here is a link to a free download on re-writing and editing - to me the same hatchet. Again I thank my husband for his bluntness and fearless hatching and editing, and those that like the book enough to have high-hopes for me, and to those that say aren't you done yet, I say: maybe never.

Here is a free download (really helpful) Revision and Self Editing for Publication:

Last but not, a quote form an author I enjoy reading:

"I always rewrite the very beginning of a novel. I rewrite the beginning as I write the ending, so I may spend part of morning writing the ending, the last 100 pages approximately, and then part of the morning revising the beginning. So the style of the novel has a consistency."  Joyce Carol Oates

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