Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Fighting the bulge battle?

Watch out for your Leptin levels.
It seems as if there's always something new to fill whatever need a source convinces us that we have. So, is any of it helpful? I'm of the opinion that as we evolve so does our knowledge and that information taken with common sense and backed by good research is valuable.
This year I am not doing the 'will do to be,' such as I will exercise and diet to live longer, be healthier, look better. Instead, I am envisioning 'becoming:' using the law of attraction.
So, a lot of information is coming to me, or I am becoming aware of a lot of information, whatever makes sense to you. The thing is that envisioning becoming works for me. I just want to see how much envisioning can take me from aging to rejuvenating, not just writing but publishing, not just living but loving life.
For that matter, is aging a mind thing? I am sure you have seen the never aging people that do incredible feats of physical activity, not knocking that, but look at their skin!
Anyway, first things first, what gets me fat and keeps me fat is the same thing that gets me and keeps me in trouble: my mouth. So there is where I have started my search for youth and longevity, which lead me to Lectins but in a roundabout way. First, I was listening to a presentation about weight loss supplements and it sounds interesting. Then, I went into researching the main subject Leptins and found sites and information that make sense.
Also, I am a believer that 'to share is to keep' here are the sites:

Keep in mind their agendas, and good nutrition is the key to health.
Happy New Year to us! 

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