Saturday, July 14, 2012

"This Land is Your Land”

Read the Woody Guthrie’s music story on Big Think  soon after watching the movie “Iraq For Sale” (free on YouTube) - the true story of what our taxes pay for and that every one should watch before going to the polls.
Woody Guthrie traveled during the Great Depression singing about migrants and the hardships of the people. Famous for "This Land is Your Land” Guthrie’s lyrics - the hillbilly that made people think - today speaks to the Occupy Wall Street movements.
On Big Think I watched Tom Morello, “formerly the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine” and an Occupy activist, remind us that this land is our land. 
Ironic that the working class, largest payer of taxes, from their barely to make it day-by-day wages, has nothing to say -  on what their land (government) with the sweat of their labor supports, pays for and buys - and will God, in the name of ignorance, absolve? 

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