Friday, July 13, 2012

Lee Child Debunks the Biggest Writing Myths

Lee Child Debunks the Biggest Writing Myths

This article motivated me not to postpone what I posted on Facebook: "As our home fills with boxes that, along with furnishings, wait for movers; mixed with sadness I seek new hope in going back and forth to check on the remodeling of our next house. Each time it feels farther and the distance from decks overlooking mountains higher. My nights and mind race in urgency to stop or accelerate time, to write about him; the being without a soul that over twenty years ago, soon after life totally changed, filled me with visions and feelings as I lay in the dark terrified. How unreal that must sound. The marks he left on my body to make sure I had no doubts. Should I own a past with what moved me to write over 600 pages?"

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