Monday, November 29, 2010

The turkey gobbled all the way home....

Well, TG is over and I am turkeyed-out. Literally, out of the beef roast and ham and turkey we had we have only a few scraps left and a little bit of flan...all homemade. The crowd was amicable... to a civilized "I love you" hmmm and the day went on with a lot of help for mom (me). My Johnny cooked all the meat (the meat referred to above) and everyone brought deliciousness to share and compliment my delights. 
And... the couples came with their little kids, a dog and a fish... So we were up to our necks with food and up to our patience with kids between the ages of 2-7, the dog was well behaved and the fish just swam.
The next day the parents went out, and we watched our guest rooms turn into forts, Ninja dungeons and nappies.
I used to get a bit frazzled, you know teeth clenching like, but know I think it's because with age things get pungent or mild and I have gotten so mild that I just laugh. 
Tough the kids to conference but mostly let my Johnny deal with the little brats while I watch him direct them like an opera of baby musicians... just imagine.
They all left last night, the last of them, and today all is quiet again until Christmas...

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