Saturday, August 28, 2010

We need Warren now!

We need Elizabeth Warren NOW. We need a Financial GUARD on duty to put back in place regulations that removed in the last decade. Regulations put in after the great depression to prevent another great depression.
We have not hit a bottom yet, and our country needs to stop behaving like unwashed-uneducated masses of abusive-dysfunctional government and stop eating the poisonous lies that in the last decade got us into this mess.
Deregulations are causing the current fiasco. Al that stuff about less government just means, “get rid of those who police the predators.”
Trickle-Down economics, deregulation, irresponsible investing and lending by financial institutions have made the top 10% billionaires and the bottom broke. Not as some elected officials and media selling water by the riverbank say it is irresponsible consumerism. The regular consumer is a sardine to the sharks of the financial industry.
The wall street must be regulated as it was after the great depression to protect the ordinary investor from predators and deregulation.
Wake up America! We have lost homes, jobs, and retirement savings while the top gets more. 

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