Monday, August 30, 2010

The right-wing is the haves nitch.

The right-wing cure for human misery: More pain

What commentators suggest President Obama do to get the voters is just run- of-the-mill political-ploy. He cannot change generations of bigotry. Fuming crowds led by FOX foamers want a white man in the white-house but are willing to settled for a femme de la nasty. 
President Obama, his cabinet, and many legislators, have made enormous progress if one cares to really look into it. That he is demeaned by pied-pipers is just ploy to bring him down to the level of dirty politics. 
It is true, he is a president for the people by the people and therefore I don't expect him to put on a "good show"
The country was under water, it's still on the lake and damaged. The last crew wants to sink it gain because without a strong captain they can do, as they will.
Bush’s debt is increasing because it accrues interest. 
The bailouts by the current administration are almost all paid. 
The health and financial industry want to sink President Obama and supporters because he passed reforms and enforces regulations instituted after the great depression to stop another great depression. 

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