Sunday, June 27, 2010

Candy Crowley in State of the Union

In listening to state of the union I heard: cut down on spending, take our country back, grow the economy: vote for Republicans, support the tea-party.
After more then a decade of surplus to reckless spending, borrowing from foreign countries by trillions, a vibrant economy to escalating unemployment, growth in the housing market to a crash, peace to a war fueled by lies and fear, big companies growing overseas with our subsidies, lending and banking deregulated into loosing most life’s savings, health insurance unregulated increasing premiums and rejection of services by over 100%. 
What I see is stung health insurance, reckless industry, finance and banking industries all supporting candidates that have no intent on bringing jobs back but will continue borrowing until we are owned by foreign countries, drill-baby-drill to the destruction of natural resources, reduction of social security, more loss of jobs, homes and people called names when unemployed and without healthcare.
When is enough, enough?
It feels to me as if a large measure of the population - in pain, shame and loss - are suffering form Stockholm Syndrome, PTS from loss and abuse, or Abused Children Syndrome from a dysfunctional Government that has acted like an abusive parent. 

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