Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In speaking about Buddhism with a friend’s young daughter and where she could go I pointed out that Buddhism has many sects, even more than Christianity, in general all religions have many sects.
To my knowledge the original text was The Lotus Sutra written in Sanskrit, a language of simplicity and exactness, said to be connected to sacred geometry, and a member of the Indo-Iranian and sub-family of the Indo-European languages.
“But is Buddhism a religion?” She asked.
I shared that once I belonged to Buddhist sect; much to my mother’s grief for she is a devout Catholic, and in studying Buddhism, and other religions, not that I’m an expert, my opinion is that to those immersed in a sect it is a religion, just like all the apocalyptic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. For others, Buddhist teachings, and practices, such as meditation, are positive ways to live or view life. I added that I had started chanting again. I also recommend The Art Of Happiness, about The Dalai Lama.
I find a lot of value in spirituality and religion. It keeps us connected to each other and or a Higher Power. When I first wake up I pray and meditate. No marathons, just one or two prayers, positive affirmations, and brief spiritual readings. My meditation is simple and short, a matter of closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing and the darkness inside my closed eyes. I learned that from a beginner’s yoga tape I’ve had for umpteen years.
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