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About On Wings Of Immortals - the trilogy

Although each book of On Wings Of Immortals - the trilogy: Ayekah The Damned, Virgins, and Maculatum are fiction, the author has based much of the accounts on current research regarding religion, mysticism, geography, history, and theology. Also, some ancient myths evolved from beliefs, such as that mermaids developed from water, sylphs from the air, gnomes from the earth, and salamanders from spirits. 
Even in modern times, some scientists speak of humans as having an elemental spirit called "natural tectonics," which includes forces cracking the planet's crust with earthquakes and volcanos. 
In the ancient "Paracelsian concept," elementals are "beings" that live longer than humans, and by marrying a mortal, their elemental and its offspring could gain a soul. 
In mythology, ancient history, and The Old Testament, the most common way to understand these elemental spirits is as angels. 
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Books, movies, or authors Ayekah The Damned might resemble. 

I say Ayekah The Damned is like many films and or book series I love: Quirky like Mozart - the film, - Historical like the Clan Of The Cave Bears series by Jean Auel - Erotic like The Handmaid's Tale books and film - Mysterious like the Vampire series by Anne Rice - and Spiritual like Paolo Coelho - tales.

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Ayekah The Damned - book one of my Wings Of Immortals series - is loosely based on historical facts starting at human creation and contains some adult content.

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