Saturday, February 03, 2024

From Then To Now.

T. S. Eliot once wrote, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal." 
Since early childhood, bedridden with polio, I looked forward to getting a new book and made-up stories about damsels who overcame their distress. 
Once with braces, I hobbled up to the attic of my grandparents' store, where I read amid shelves filled with books in semi-darkness, sitting by a small barred window under a light bulb strung from the ceiling.
As I recovered and was in water therapy, I paddled with delight, hanging on to the pool's edge, and with my legs and back free from braces, I floated, dreaming I was dancing. 
In high school, I learned about cruelty and bad people. From part-time work saved for dancing and modeling classes, I was a fashion model when I got my first dancing contract, and later, in  Chicago, I met Victor, a construction foreman and poet. 
Married and with children, I was a stay-at-home mom, taking college classes, when in the 80s economic crisis, our family lost everything. We started to recoup when Vic went into computer programming, and I, while hosting a T.V. show (for free), earned my counseling degree and was hired by State and County government services.
 We relocated for me to accept a promotion to Research Analyst when, a couple of years later, Vic passed away after a triple bypass. A year later, unable to stay where we were with just my salary, I accepted a promotion and moved. 
In time, even though I thought I could never fall in love again until I met and married John. Now, both retired, we live in the foothills of Northern California. I started to write, and The Sylph's Tale, my first screenplay, won a third-place ISA award. Some of my poems have been finalists, such as at the San Francisco 2012 Writers' Conference. Also, I was writing for and CBS Sacramento until I began VIRGINS, now the third book of my On Wings Of Immortals.
P.S. I agree with Eliot; my series On Wings Of Immortals is inspired by favorite authors such as Auel, Mitchener, Castaneda, Rice, King, Kostova, Coelho, and Poe.

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