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About The Sylph's Tale the Screenplay and On Wings Of Immortals - a trilogy.

On Wings Of Immortals, a trilogy is a fiction that incorporates factual elements. 
Book one is Ayekah The Damned.
Book two is Virgins.
Book three is Maculatum. 
Copyright2017 by Marta C. Weeks

Warning: the series contains matters that might offend the average reader. These books, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without the author's permission. The uploading and distribution of these books via the Internet or any other means without permission of the author is illegal and punishable by law. 

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About THE SYLPH’S TALE, aka AYEKAH, THE DAMNED the screenplay. 

Fantasy/Mythology- approx. 30thousand  words. Warning: This story contains sexual elements that might offend some readers. 

The Sylph’s Tale - the screenplay version - is a story of passion, discovery, and magic based on ancient history, anthropology, mythology, and science.
A young girl escaping a barbarian ritual encounters an angel who rescues her. This mystical being falls in love with her, and together, they modify the culture and habits of her rudimentary society.
Note to returning readers: Thanks for your great reviews on Amazon and Draft2Digital, even though The Sylph's Tale was published missing four chapters. Author and publishers will offer free copies to those who bought the incomplete book.
The screenplay: From ISA 2017 contest - "This has imagination and touches on the mythic and spiritual in ways that are not typical.”
On (first paragraph of six pages) "The Sylph's Tale made for a most unusual read. It's very rare for a script to try something quite as experimental as this. The choice to format the story more as a series of vignettes from a creation myth than as a linear narrative made for an attention-grabbing opening. There is a certain charm to the way much of its dialogue and description is handled, as well as a lot of potential in the underlying themes of the story. Fallen angels appear in many stories, but it's far less common to see through the angels' own eyes." For source and all comments, see: From Paper to Screen
Ayekah and Haya are not evil but might have been taken over by dark powers, similar to Mesoamerican myths about beings of the underworld. Stone tablets in Utah. Rites can be found in rites and caves as sacred spaces in Lilith the mother of all dark creatures: e. r. Vernor: 9781511701877: books,
Ayekah’s story:  The name Ayekah is found in Genesis 3:9. After Adam and Eve eat from the forbidden tree, God asked Adam, “Where are you?” which is Ayeka in Hebrew. Ayekah could be like Samael’s fallen angel myth, often referenced as the "watchers, holy ones" or the “holy ones.” Also, watchers that "fell" after they became "enamored" with human women.” and in “the Greek transcription as Grigori.[17] including Enoch (10.4),[18] links the angel's transgression with the great deluge.[19] 
Haya’s story: In mythology, strong women can be depicted as horned creatures as a way to portray their power as evil. Haya, the innocent, is akin to Lilith, Samael’s counterpart, and can seduce angels. Haya can mean “to live or “have life,” or ‘’to give” or “restore life” (Genesis 25:6, Joshua 3:10), lively (2 Samuel 23:20), and reviving (Genesis 18:10, 2 Kings 4:16). Also, Nashiym, the Lilim who seduced the watchers. Samael's counterpart and a mother of demons were seen seducing the fallen angels as Naamah; after the fall, they had daughters: Nashiym, the Lilim who seduced the watchers. “Wholly new in the Kabbalistic concept of Lilith is her appearance as the permanent partner of Samael, queen of the realm of the forces of evil (the Sitra Ahra).” And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood the dragon cast out of his mouth. Revelations 12:16.
Book II
Paranormal/based on ancient history. Approx. 50,000 words

The saga of mystery and otherworldly power continued when, in 1958, the first generation of female twins from Haya’s fetus was born. One is fertile and gives birth to twins. The infertile one is the watcher and guide.

As in Holy Writs, Naamah, after the fall, had daughters; the twins are as moss on a stone of destiny in what, at times, are terrifying ordeals. Beautiful and haunting, endowed with a sixth sense, they rebel, wanting but cannot deny that their otherworldly encounters are beyond their control.
Ayekah forms The Retais to control and influence his angels/humans, but they are fearless, even when confounded by ancestral writs, voices, and apparitions. There comes a time when not even Ayekah can alter events, and the last born are not twins. But two women are driven to learn what they suspect is their exact origin and to transform their destiny.
Book III

Paranormal/ Science-fiction.Approx. 50,000 words
Powerful forces - disguised in different forms -  influence generations of Haya and Ayekah’s brethren.  The last born Rayena (Ray) Gentray and Aryana (Ary) Delmars are not twins but were born to each of the last set of twins.
Ray becomes a Geneticist and Ary a Parapsychologist. Ayekah tries to protect them while Sigrud Liera (Sig), a scientist of unknown origin, uses Tardell, his powerful organization,  to control them as he underhandedly infiltrates The Retais.
Ray builds a research site near Rio San Juan as head of a cloning project and battles with good and evil besieged by apparitions when she captures a unique Salamander species she names ROLO. She aims to heal illnesses, but Sig wants ROLO to birth human mutants.
Ary, compelled to stop Ray, enlists the help of Alex, a movie producer, and Ray’s lover. But days before the 1992 Nicaragua hurricane, Mitch, ”Sig makes Ray, Ary, and himself a living part of the first human/android, ROLO. Not even Ayekah can save Ray and ROLO as they disappear in waters of destruction.
Possible Sequel

Humans almost become extinct in a battle for eternal life between greed and magical powers. Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell and destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.
Author bio
After three decades in public service - the last two as a Research Analyst – Marta C. Weeks is now dedicated to her dream of being an author. Before her career, during college, she hosted a local nonprofit TV show, did extensive social work, and was a dance instructor.  
Debilitated by poliomyelitis, unable to play like other children, Marta read by a small window under the light of a bulb hanging from the ceiling in the attic of her grandparents’ store where books waited to go on shelves or those no one wanted gathered dust.  
She started her writing career by freelancing for a few online periodicals, joining author groups, and attending conferences, workshops, and classes. She has published some poetry, and now, still dedicated to honing her craft,  she writes riveting stories based on historical facts, myths, and prophecies, with characters and settings that arouse a desire to read more. 
Marta lives in Northern California with her spouse/editor. Her social media sites include Facebook: Marta C. Weeks

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