Saturday, March 09, 2019

Small steps, big changes

Spring is almost here, tomorrow we change our clocks, it's also a good time to take a small inventory about how we can make more time for ourselves on earth or just improve our health with steps.

My daily horoscope said, but I think it's good for everyone: "take a long look today at what you can do to improve your health. Developing a positive routine is an excellent gift to give yourself, even if you’re already hale and hearty. The good news is that science has proven it only takes three weeks to replace one pattern of behavior with another. Whether it’s altering your exercise regime, changing your diet, or ending a bad habit, starting now increases your chances for long-term success. Every day is a fresh start." 

I don't buy into all the other readings, have not found them necessary but I enjoy the Daily Horoscope reading. I get nothing for anyone signing up but here is the link  -- Signup now!

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