Thursday, March 07, 2019

Grant me Ashes

My Lent Meditations

Grant me Ashes
God, as I understand you
grant me the valor to see truth
not what I fear, 
want to see, or want it to be.

An eye for reality
and another for day dreaming 
a mouth to speak truth but not 
push it on others. 

A mind to remember my messy tracks, 
mistakes and faults,
what I need to accept or change 
but please
don't bother me too much because 
it's my time 
to kick back, breakout and do 
my thing.

Compassion to accept
that reality can be hard or healing 
and good or rough at times,
can build esteem with mistakes
despite screams and frowns, 
from others.

Help me live this day not counting 
blessings nor messes
not taking everyone’s inventory 
and standing up for myself and others 
even when on my butt.



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