Sunday, February 05, 2017

The insanity I feel and Santa Clarita Diet

Feeling shame, still in my jammies, from the Zero G setting of our Sleep Number bed, I say, "see you later; I love you, bring me a plate." My husband asks, "sure you don't want to join Super Bowl fun?" He's going to family and friends, "hate to go without you." I hear some resentment in his voice as he packs a casserole he made.

I don't love contact sports, but at times I watch even if somewhat indifferent to the cheers and dispute about one team or play. So it's hurtful to admit that at present, my life revolves around politics. Surely there are other things I can be doing! Also, I hate people who dramatize everything, and in my circle, I have become the drama queen of politics.

So, I settled to watch C-SPAN, while playing Sudoku and drenching my biscotti in coffee. I get wrapped into discussions of how Trump's source, other than TWITTER, is junk news and liars, and how, more than any other president, he is suing for liable and messing up, nationally and internationally.

As people already deeply affected riot. I feel trapped between there is something I can do and everything will be ok. After all, I'm not at the helm of the world events and at times, even powerless in my life. But aren't we all in humanity an essential part of the crew?

Is there no escape?

I could basket weave, baskets that my grandchildren will probably cherish. Or could call friends, read, pray, but when the baskets and books are gathering dust, will I get comfort from escaping and ignoring the freedoms we are losing?

Other things don't seem vital or lasting, and I care, as never before, to give voice and pen to what can make an immense impact in our lives. But I must admit, even though I hate to, that I am still recovering from a cold turned sinusitis and if you have been on antibiotics, asthma medication and prednisone, well you might understand that my mind might not presently be mine.

So now should I take a nap or play solitaire on my iPad?

On that note, have you watched the new comedy about the zombie mom? Oh, you must if you also feel trapped in the squirrel cage that amid ongoing insanity normality must be maintained. The husband says to the wife, who must now eat people, "from now on we fuck everything together." And she replies, "I'm sorry babe, I'm just not the pound on me kind..."

I relate to Santa Clarita Diet:  "The dead are completely ruled by their id" and must admit that I also have a secret; I just can't seem to put crazy on the shelve and embrace the normal that is slowly going off the rails.

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