Saturday, February 04, 2017


As if I'm awakening to a reality that was always there. I become aware that there is nothing I can do at times but look for the opportunity to do something meaningful. Even a bit that is just minutely significant.

Such as finding a way not to contribute to the cruelty of a Republican ideology that is becoming more abusive to those that feed it. No different than the once plantation owners accused the slaves, who made their empires, of laziness, inability, and stupidity. Today’s tycoons and politicians demean those who labor for wanting adequate pay to survive. And feel that it's too much to ask for healthcare, food, housing and a meager retirement without them raking in huge profits.

That they who labor to create their empires, under the heap of their greed, like the slaves who once emptied the piss-pots of the lords and masters, be treated as worthless humans who must be ignored.

And beguiled the nation's leaders become slaves to the greed of demeaning the base, the humanity, and the mainstay of everyday life. And follow with shame loaded in excuses those who glamorize their greed and pomposity as having made it and not needing anyone. Those who think of themselves as powerful must be stopped from taking all. It is why I am finally joining the fold, as one person, to walk with the majority of our country into abhorring the party politics that propagates greed.

Never before has Republican indulgence threatened the lifeblood of the country and drawn the very people whom they seek to defile by calling Democrats socialists. The odds must be evened out for those who carry the load and continue to trudge. No, not for pity but to do right in anger against the injustice that unbridled capitalism breeds and belches in our faces.

Marta C. Weeks 2/4/2017

In collaboration with John C Weeks

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