Thursday, November 20, 2014

Does hate wash hate

They were once the dirty, lazy, deceased, demonic, dumb undesirables. 
The Irish, Italians, Germans, the Asians, and others, all those were once the dirty races. So why is it so difficult to understand how most Latinos, Latinas, turn their backs on the immigration fight? Remember when the Cubans were the dirtiest and most unwanted? It does not matter how anyone came, those looking to give back the hate they or theirs once were given are giving it back to others. Most of the dreamers parents came to the US on work visas, or brought to work the fields, the factories, the kitchens, raise the children of the haters, and when the work was done instead of paying them their employers called la migra. 
I did not come like that and that is why I don't hate.

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