Saturday, November 15, 2014

Arrival in Paris

The flight was great, and it was exciting to be finally in Paris.
John called for the shuttle, and we waited over 40 minutes but that was not the worse of it.  I was disappointed to see graffiti on the highway and traffic was bumper to bumper. It took over four hours to get to our hotel because of traffic and three other couples that the driver had to drop off first because they were on the way.
The hotel, I will never book a hotel in Paris that says quaint hotel *** and a three-star quaint is an old building and one star in the US. Henceforth I will book with known hotels chains but I wanted to get the feel of real Paris.
The good thing about the long ride is that as we got closer to our destination we got to see a lot of the beauty in Paris. Here are some photos of our arrival in Paris.

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