Sunday, May 04, 2014

You might be suffering from Post-Polio Syndrome?

Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) might affect those born before the 50’s.  Polio vaccines were not available until the late 50's so if you had polio or think you did - people are affected differently by polio as by any illness - checkout  POSTPOLIO.ORG.
As a child, I had to wear braces for a few years but with the help of physical therapy and medical treatments I recovered almost completely and even became a professional dancer. In the last ten years or so I started having many symptoms and was prescribed meds that I didn't take or if I did I had more side effects than relief. I am very grateful that, with the help of a Rheumatologist, I discovered that I was suffering from PPS. 
Very few doctors and therapist know how to treat PPS, other than to prescribe more medications and the wrong exercises.

With the help of POSTPOLIO.ORG I found the right Physical Therapist and medical help to test my symptoms, learn to cope and go on with an active life.


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