Saturday, April 26, 2014

Want to earn $$$ from writing?

Just read the review on  Freedom With Writing  about Writing Jobs From SkyWord and SkyWord sounds promising, however, beware what and for whom you write.

My freelancing started in 1989 when I was working for state government and accepted a promotion to Kern County. My first article was about Bakersfield and published on Panage, a Kern County publication no longer in existence. In 1990, I accepted another promotion to Sacramento and in 2001 I wrote a couple of pieces for online publication, Ex-and-The-City (yes ex, not sex). For both Panage and Ex-and-the-City, I never had problems getting paid up to $60 per article. Contemplated Travel Writing for a while but instead in 2010-2012 I wrote as Sacramento Populist for and although Examiner published every article they only paid me for a few. Though, when I wrote for CBS Arts&Entertainment for Sacramento in 2012 CBS paid for every single article. I stopped freelancing for Examiner and CBS when we retired to the foothills of Northern California.

Most publications have deadlines, and specific guidelines and some might not meet your expectations. I say beware on what you write because it might bite later. On Examiner, I let lose my peeves on what I felt is unjust and unfair and maybe  someday people will not read my books or poems, or other writing because their views are different. Now I write for fun and pleasure and some of my poetry and stuff gets published by our communities' publication Wildwood Literary Review
In retrospect,I do not regret doing any of the writing I have done and intend to look more into sites such as SkyWord and see what I can contribute; best of luck to all of you people of the word.
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