Sunday, December 08, 2013

My take on the slavery and Blacks in America article.

That Blacks in the US were seen as non-human and therefore could be enslaved, not allowed equal rights, not even to vote or worship is still weighing on Blacks today. 
The right to vote for Blacks is still a matter of contention in some states, and event though there are republican Blacks and republicans in government, that President Obama is constantly hassled about not having been born in the US is proof, a fact also reflected on the disrespect from Congress and media even for the Office of the President. 
Slave owners resolved the atrocities they did to slaves by believing that it was their God given right as they were created in the white image of a white God and His white Savior son. So, religion was denied to slaves and the religious and spiritual traditions Blacks brought from Africa were demeaned, mocked and demonized. That changed when slave owners saw that gospel singing and belief on a white redeeming God made slaves  more compliant, easier to dominate, control and keep happy in slavery, by allowing them to believe that a Christian God would someday set then free of bondage, if not in this life in the hereafter. It was then that slaves were allowed to worship and eventually in churches, but in their own place to keep slaves in their less than human nature.
That in a few generations Blacks are supposed to just walk away from how it was and to now call their right to education, pursuit of happiness, safety, respect, etc., handouts is not restitution but it is additional humiliation and deprivation. It is to condone the oppression in 'black' neighborhoods, school districts and society. It is to propagate stereotypes of dangerous and less than human by the law, educators, government and society.
It is common for the oppressed to seek assimilation by the oppressors, same is for other oppressed minorities, i.e., Latins and women unknowingly adopt labels such as Republicans, marry whites and seek to live in white neighborhoods. 
Black people are Genocide survivors and if they were as respected as whites they would be getting restitution.
Slavery's Legacies of Racism and Dehumanization of Labor Still Poison the US

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