Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tutors or sports and video games

While American parents spend time and money encouraging ball games, video games and pay coaches exuberant amounts. Asian parents push smarts and money on tutors, learning applications, and intellectual development such as art, music and creative brain not brown physical activities.
Soon American idustry will lose their sweatshop labor source in Asia so they must grow it in America. In Asia youth is exveeding in America students are falling way behind and teachers as well as schools get less of the tax payer buck thereby the race to dumb-down American youth to feed the labor market with low wage workers is on. 
You might say, how can that be? Those industries making money in America are American! Well, not really. The top 10% no longer consider themselves Americans, their yachts, jets, homes and families are worldwide. Their loyalty is where they spend their money, educate their kids, and bed for the night, not at where their money is made.

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