Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Labor Day for fun and free...not empty promises

Maybe do fun and free? Not merely linger in crowds and overspend but rest and have a pleasant experience.

Well, how's about free and relaxing reads to enjoy with a cup or glass of your favorite, at home, the beach, local cafe, or after the before. Books can take us anyplace, from the deepness of desire, to realms unknown plus adventures galore.

For writing and marketing, there are tons of sites, most full of empty promises or set up to get our dollars, and others are like sinking into annals of endless bs pits. But... some sites do as they promise, and for authors and readers that is a lot. One worthy site is Book Club, where one can get free books no questions asked, or at eye popping discounts for downloading!

I use a free Amazon Kindle Cloud reader, PllllleeeeeaaaaSSSSS NO I don't work for Book Club or Amazon! This post is a freebie for those who cometh to my site...to thank you... not a buck maker for me.

As a writer, the last thing I want is to give away my pearls of soliloquy; however, I want to be read. Book stores and Libraries are great hangouts, but for reads to keep in a device Book Club is where for free, or a small price, I can get into authors I usually would not. So, when I get my big-one out I will use Book Club to sell because the new authors I get free, and like I follow on their websites or blogs.

Happy un-laboring Labor Day!

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