Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Has discipline killed creativity?

Just read McBride’s guide to ‘Painless’ screenwriting" where writers are encouraged to brake-away from the road most traveled.
"Writing formulaic projects out of a craven desire to succeed or out of poor taste due to a lack of familiarity with the genuine classics of film history is the biggest mistake a screenwriter can make today,” McBride notes. “Writing to a formula is virtually a guarantee of a bad movie. As Frank Capra advised young filmmakers, ‘Don’t follow trends. Start trends.’”
To write with total freedom, to create and make new! What will those that expect a wax apple do when they bite into the real thing? Will they will find it messy and immature? Those that have preached for centuries that a writer must get the formula down before going free-range. 
Oh, what hope and breath in the statement and advise given to writers by Capra! Can it be like reading that chocolate cake will not make one fat and forget diets just "do" great stuff?
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