Monday, November 12, 2012

On reading: The Party Next Time

Was reading The Party Next Time, an excellent article on The New Yorker by Ryan Lizza, and have to say that no self-respecting Hispanic/Latin will vote for their own kind just because.
Most Hispanics/Latins immigrated from political cultures that didn't take into account the rights of the working class much less the poor, and without workers no one prospers and if the poor are not helped, more become poor.
Did anyone listen to Romney tell that his parents got welfare? President Obama's mom was a single parent and at times needed help.
I am lucky that, even though I came from a wealthy and politically influential family, my grandparents - self made people - never forgot were they came from and inculcated, at least in me, a respect for humanity beyond having or religious bias. They respected all religions even in their time and in a Catholic country.
It is appalling how so-called conservatives take ownership of God and that is very damming for God is not a thing. They fight against moral issues, such as abortion, but don't give a dam for those in need and will go as far as to say, "don't feed them, they'll just keep growing more". That mentality cripples and must be eradicated along with the belief that minorities are Democrats because they "want something for nothing".
MOST people who have made great strides have risen from down and out, and those who propagate a different view, and so much discrimination against those who need people, must shut-up; they are making millions form distorting truths and feeding discord. They have destroyed the Republican Party.
I am an Independent, because I will not vote or make decisions based on party politics, and yes, I voted for all Democrats because when the old does not work, it’s not my place to fix it. God doesn’t create junk…just saying.

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